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Hell is For Real

What if I told you, if you were traveling to a foreign destination, not to bother to go?  That it would be a horrible place to visit and that you would be unhappy, wishing you had chosen someplace else?  That you’d be surrounded by sinners operating in their sin nature at the fullest, much worse than anything you have seen others do before?  That you wouldn’t get any daylight there, so certainly no sunbathing opportunities?  Would you listen, or would you want to find out for yourself? 

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Spending Time in the Wilderness

As a young child, every summer, my parents would take my sisters and me camping.  We would spend two glorious weeks fishing, canoeing, swimming, reading and relaxing.  By the time we got to the end of our vacation, while we were all sad to leave our lakeside retreat, we were also anxious to head home.  But, imagine with me if you will, what if we had found out that our “camping vacation” was going to last for 40 years?

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A Toffee Miracle

A bunch of simple items dumped into a pan in a soft heap may seem of no use to a toffee lover, but when subjected to fire and given the chance to blend together into a cool chemistry experiment, the ingredients transform into something so different in color and texture that a brand-new creation appears altogether!

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