How to Make a Decorative Floral Box

by Mary

I have been cleaning out closets, particularly the one in my craft room.  I found a large wooden box that my cousin gave to me when she was downsizing and cleaning out her craft area.  It needed a coat of paint and a plan!

So, I decided that there was an area in my upstairs hallway that needed attention.  If I filled this box with flowers and greenery, it would add some spice to my hallway!  I wanted the box to blend in with the walls, so I decided to paint the box gray to match them.  That way, the flowers would stand out.

Materials Needed:

Wooden box

Small Screwdriver

Latex or acrylic paint and a brush big enough for coverage

Artificial Boxwood greenery

Artificial accent flowers (I chose white with little pink berries)

Foam floral block

Moss to cover bare spots

Newspaper or cardboard for painting

I began by taking apart the wooden box, using a small screwdriver to detach the hinges from it (see pic below).  I put the small screws and hinges in a small sandwich baggie for safe keeping.


Spreading out newspaper on the table, I dipped my paint brush into my container of gray paint and painted the top and sides of the two pieces of the box. 

Once dried in a few hours, I flipped over the pieces and painted the underside.


Neither piece seemed to require a second coat, so once dry, I lined the inside edges of the box with green moss, leaving room for my foam block to be inserted in the middle.


I grabbed a foam block and began poking flowers and greenery into the top, covering the surface.  The one pictured below is only half the size of the one I used.


I poked accent flowers into the block to fill the center.  I added to the outside of the block the greenery, making a border around the accent flowers.


Then, I took the block of flowers and greenery and inserted it into the wooden box, fluffing the moss around it to cover any bare areas of the foam block.


I added more greenery where I thought it needed some, like in the hole in the front middle above. 


I reassembled the box and lid with the hinges in my sandwich baggie (see pics below). 


Done! Now the table in my hallway highlights the painting above it nicely and the wooden box is out of my closet!


Mary Toepfer