How to Keep Gloves Handy

by Mary Toepfer

I just finished a huge garage project this summer!  I took everything off the walls and out of the garage, wiped it down, spackled the holes, gave the walls and door two coats of paint, and then added brackets and shelving to store things that used to be in our basement!  Phew!

When all was said and done, the walls looked refreshingly clean but a bit bare, bland, and beige! I decided that our colorful garden gloves would provide the needed color if I could find a way to get them out of the bin and on the wall.

Materials Needed:

wood plank or set of wooden squares

rope or twine (or wooden pieces with that already attached)

wooden clothespins that spring

alphabet stickers for initials (or paint and a steady hand!)

hot glue gun


I found three small wooden squares at my local craft store that would be just large enough to accommodate an initial and a clothespin.


I untied the knot of the rope that came with the wooden squares before beginning.  If yours doesn’t come with them, there are ways to attach twine or rope using a staple gun or hot glue on the back. My plan was to hang them from the three shelf brackets so as not to put a hole in my brand new, hole-free garage walls!  I would later re-tie the knot around the bracket.

I had a package of silver peel and stick letters in my house already that I once picked up at the local dollar store for a poster project my daughter had. They are approximately two inches in size.


I decided to place the sticker at the top in the center of the square.  In retrospect, the sparkly silver isn’t the greatest look on plain wood.  Might have been better to paint the wood a dark color.  But it’s just a garage!  I wanted the colors of the garden gloves to stand out more anyway.


I then hot-glued the clothespin in place in the middle under the letter.

Once dry, I attached the garden gloves belonging to the person matching the initial at the top of the square.


I then took the finished product to the garage and tied the rope around the bracket and through the hole in the wooden square to redo the knot.  Done!  A more colorful wall now!

You can certainly use this clothespin idea near a closet for each member of the household in winter time for various items that you want accessible: scarves, hats, mittens. Perhaps for ball caps in the summer as well? Or beach towels? Endless possibilities. Happy crafting!


Mary Toepfer