How to Clear Up Countertop Mail Clutter

I was bemoaning the state of my kitchen countertop to my friend Amanda on our walk the other day. I explained that if I allowed the mail to be taken to my desk upstairs, the items that needed attention would become long forgotten. She came to my rescue with an idea she researched in order to deal with her own countertop pile. Below is what she did. After that is how I revised it to suit my family’s needs.

First of all, she purchased a file folder box that is slim and sits directly on her kitchen counter. She also purchased colorful file folders to place inside so that the countertop pile could be filed into those instead of remaining in an unorganized mound in an inconvenient place on the counter. The information would still remain nearby with this system, though, so that she could tend to the items in the folders before they would get moved far away and become forgotten.

Her folders are labeled so that coupons, menus, bills that need to be paid, items that deserve her husband’s attention, items to be saved for taxes later, items ready to be filed, etc., all could be addressed. She also clips a notepad to the front for her weekly To-Do list! Very creative use of space!

Here is what her system looks like:


My system seems to require additional folders. My daughter’s schedules from her activities, some directories, church news, new recipes to try, etc., have been added to my mail pouches.


I also did not want to sacrifice counter space for this, so I found a hanging file folder that could carry folders for three people. Everyone in my family has a folder pouch for items that they need to examine once in a while as I file the mail into those each day. A nice reminder for them to check their folders directly puts the mail into their hands instead of constantly in mine as I would struggle each week with what to do with the mountain that would multiply on my counter!


Thanks Amanda!

Happy organizing!


Mary Toepfer