DIY Dryer Static Sheets

by Missi


Over the past few years, I have been trying to eliminate harmful chemicals in our home. One way I have done this is to stop buying dryer sheets, but this left me with an often painful result: static! I hate when my clothes cling together as if glued, and then when I separate them, I get electrocuted! Not fun! So I began researching on the internet how to end my static problem without the use of chemically-filled dryer sheets. Here is what I found!


I use Seventh Generation Laundry Soap and then about ¼ cup of vinegar to the softener section of my washing machine. I was afraid my clothes would smell like vinegar, but they don’t! Yay!! After they are done washing, I load them into the dryer, but first I add my “magic dryer sheets.”

To create these dryer sheets, you will need two 5 x 5 squares of coordinating fabric. I used squares that were precut. You can find these small squares at most fabric stores. They come in bundles of beautifully coordinating fabrics, and, after all, shouldn’t my dryer sheets be pretty?

You will also need a 5 x 5 square of cotton batting.


Now, lay down your batting. On top of that place your first fabric piece, right side up.


After you have placed your first piece of fabric on top of your batting, add your second piece of coordinating fabric to that with the wrong side facing down.


Sew all the way around, leaving a two-inch opening through which you will turn your square right side out.

After turning your square right sides out, tuck in your seams where you turned it and sew them shut, continuing all the way around the square.


Once you have your square completely sewn shut, you will attach two or three safety pins to your square. And now your dryer sheets are ready to go!

For a large load of laundry, I use a total of 5 dryer sheets, scattering them intermittently throughout my laundry.

As my clothes dry, the static is diverted to the safety pins and away from most of my laundry. I will occasionally have a sweater that tends to attract something to it, but I have eliminated almost 90% of my static!

pic 7.jpg

Here is a bonus idea, too! Without adding the safety pins, you can also use your “dryer sheets” as pretty coasters for glasses! Functional and beautiful!


Both of these make pretty gifts with that special homemade touch. Add a coordinating ribbon and give to a friend!

Mary Toepfer