How to Make Wooden Signs


As a former English teacher, I love words! I have signs in every room with inspiring words on them: Truth, Freedom, Welcome, Be Still, Home. (See pictures of these to the right). My belief is that if you look at these words regularly in your home, you will be inspired to practice or feel them in reality.

Here is how I made those, using a scrap piece of wood that I found leftover from another project.


You will need:

  • piece of wood, large enough for the letters you choose

  • paintable wooden letters for the word you select

  • brown acrylic paint

  • white acrylic paint

  • coarse, skinny paint brush

  • disposable bowl for each paint color

  • wood glue for gluing letters

  • twine for hanging sign (optional)

  • decorative metal sheeting (optional)

  • glue gun with glue sticks (for gluing twine and metal sheeting)

See steps below for creating the wooden sign…


First, paint each letter with the brown acrylic paint.


Let the brown dry completely.


Then, go back over the letters with a dry brush of the white acrylic paint (which means that you should wipe off as much of the white paint as you can from the brush so that it’s almost like you have nothing left on the brush). Don’t cover over every spot of brown. Let it peek through, making the white look heavier in some spots than in others.


Here is what the decorative metal sheeting section looks like at my local craft store. But you can also purchase this at large home improvements stores. I only use a strip of it in this project, but I bought it to make a jewelry organizer with picture frames.


You can cut through the metal sheeting with tin snips or very sharp scissors. Be very careful because the cut edges tend to become very sharp!


I glued down the strip of sheeting with hot glue since it is transparent.


I used hot glue to glue down my letters, evenly spaced apart, but mainly because of the sheeting. For my other wooden signs, I used wood glue to fuse the wood letters to the piece of wood.


Turn your piece over to glue twine to the back for hanging. I usually have much thicker, heavier wood pieces that I end up leaning against walls or setting on ledges. But this wood piece was very fragile. I used the decorative sheeting as a means of making it more solid as well as covering its imperfections.


Hang it proudly to make Jesus famous in your home!

Happy Crafting!

Mary Toepfer