How to Make a Fun Laundry Sign


I love when I walk around the craft store and get inspired. I saw a sign that said, “Drop your pants here,” for a laundry room. Since I just reworked my laundry area in my basement recently, I decided to take a bare piece of wood I found at home and turn it into something fun.

Materials needed:

  • Piece of scrap wood

  • 18” of clothes line cord (depending on wood piece size)

  • 4 small pieces of fabric (approx. 5” by 5” each)

  • 4 small pieces of thick fabric for stability only (optional)

  • scissors

  • glue stick

  • heavy duty staple gun

  • pencil and permanent marker

  • 4 to 8 mini clothespins

  • twine for hanging sign (optional)


Find four different scrap fabric patterns and on the back side of each, draw a simple pair of pants in pencil approximately four inches tall, as seen pictured here.


You can cut out the same pants design you drew in a thicker fabric to glue to the back of each of these four patterns for stability (optional). I used the leftover vinyl (back of it seen here) that I removed from my ottoman before I re-covered that (see How to Slipcover an Ottoman).


Then, glue together the two fabric pieces (the patterned one with the thicker one) as shown here.


Next, take the clothes line and staple one end to the back of your board at the bottom left. Leave enough slag to be able to hang four pairs of pants from the line and then staple the other end to the back of the wood piece, bottom right.


Trim the excess, close to the staples.


Turn over your piece to work on the front of it again. Use your pencil to freehand block letters, evenly spaced. I allowed about an inch and a half between each of the words. If you like the phrase, “Drop Your Pants,” you can freehand those letters here. You could vary that with “Wash/Dry” or “Laundry.”


Then, trace over the pencil marks with permanent marker. You could simply purchase wooden letters or stickers for your lettering instead, if you prefer not to freehand letters or use marker.


After you color in the letters, if you desire, then take your mini clothespins and clip your pants to your clothesline. I used one for each pair of pants but you could use two each. You will need to take a piece of twine and staple that to the back of your wood piece at both ends at the top (like you did with the clothesline at the bottom) for hanging it. Done! Cute, huh?

Happy Laundering!

Mary Toepferlaundry, wooden, sign, pants