How to Make a Jewelry Organizer

by Mary

I once wanted to dress up my vanity area where I get ready every morning.  Not only was the wall bare, but I also often found myself going into the other room to fetch my favorite earrings and necklaces and coming back to the mirror to accessorize.  So, the thought occurred to me that if I had a handy organizer nearby, I wouldn’t have to travel, and my bare wall would be decorated!  To Pinterest I went!

What I learned were various ways to create a jewelry organizer with picture frames.  I already had a bunch of empty frames in storage in the basement so I dug up what I had and found a gold-painted wooden one that would be substantial enough to hold my clunky jewels.

So, in addition to a wooden frame (8” x 10” is what I used), you will need the following:

decorative metal sheeting

small hooks that screw into wood (approximately 5 or 6)

hot glue sticks and glue gun

picture frame hanging hook

protective pads for the corners of your frame (optional)

Then, I searched online to see what could serve as the metal contraption inside where the picture usually goes that would also be sturdy enough to hold heavy items.  Metal sheeting became my answer.  It literally is a sheet of thick “paper” made out of aluminum; it would be thick enough not to bend with weight but thin enough to cut with scissors to fit my frames.  I found a variety of these at my local craft supply store but learned online that I could have gone to a home improvement store as well.  I chose a package of sheets that had holes punched out in a polka-dotted design. Perfect! (See picture below for the metal sheeting section to look for in your local craft store).


I removed the cardboard and glass from my frame and used the glass as a guide for tracing the amount I would need of my metal sheet to fit into the frame. I used a permanent marker when tracing onto the metal sheet so that it would be easy to see the lines later. Although you cannot see the marker lines in the picture below, I cut along the lines to get a “replacement glass” for my frame. Please be very careful as metal sheeting produces very sharp edges when cut. If you recall, I used this same metal sheet for my wooden sign in a previous post (see How to Make Wooden Signs).


Then, I secured the metal sheet by using a hot glue gun to keep the sheet in place. If your particular picture frame provides staples or another way to secure the metal sheeting, you could use those. But I think the metal sheet will be more secure with added beads of hot glue.


So that my frame could hang both earrings and necklaces, I added small hooks that have screws on one end that could screw into the wood at the base of the frame.  I used five of these hooks and spaced them evenly apart across the bottom.


For hanging, I found a picture frame hook that could be screwed into the wood securely at the center of the top on the back.


I also added protector pads to the four corners on the back so that my walls wouldn’t get scratched each time I bumped the frame while putting jewelry back into place.


Now, my frame holds the earrings and necklaces that I use more frequently so that I can just reach up to grab what I want when I am getting ready in the morning.


I hope you are inspired to use much of what you might already have to create something functional and decorative like this, too, for your jewelry needs!

Mary Toepfer