How to Create a Mosaic Piece


I took my daughter to an art studio at our local mall the other day for a mother-daughter afternoon. We saw an opportunity either to paint ceramic pieces or to create mosaics. Having painted a few times before at other places, we chose the mosaics because it was totally out of our comfort zone!

We first had to decide the wooden piece we wanted to decorate with glass bits. I chose a purse because purses and shoes are my life! (See photo below of my blank slate). My daughter chose a white letter K for her name, as you will see later.

purse alone.jpg

You should also notice bins of cut glass above. You can take larger sheets of colored glass and cut them yourself to fill a bin for future use. The studio provided a cutting tool for this endeavor. I am sure that you can purchase a tool like this at a craft store, along with different colors of glass sheets. Be careful not to cut yourself, though, on the sharp glass edges! (See picture below for the tool to look for).


Next, we had to get some glue and a wooden stick for applying the glue to our glass pieces. And then we had to cut pieces that we thought would complement each other, color-wise as well as shape-wise. You will want to glue pieces down so that you only leave a thin line of your wooden background in between each piece. The grout will later serve as an outline for those pieces. (See pictures below of the glue and the process of cutting pieces to fit).


You simply want to cover as much of the wooden blank slate as you can with different pieces of cut glass, forming patterns so that the pieces fit together, almost like a puzzle. Leave a bit of room in between each cut glass piece for grout to show later. (See our glued pieces below).


Now, at this point, we handed our finished glued pieces to the studio employee who was going to grout the glass tiles as well as paint the sides of our wooden decor with a complementary color. I chose purple to outline my purse with white grout; my daughter chose yellow paint and gray grout. This could be easily done by yourself by using acrylic paint as well as grout and a putty knife. I would grout first and wipe off the excess and make sure that the sides were dry before painting them. (See the magic of paint and grout below).


You can research internet videos for how to grout if you’ve never done that before! Before you know it, you will have shiny, colorful decor that you will proudly display!

Have fun!