About Mary toepfer


I have been an educator for over 20 years, working in both public and private schools and colleges. Although my Ph.D. is in English Education, and I currently teach English to immigrants, I have led Bible studies in my home and at church and have a strong desire to make God's Word accessible and relevant to others. I looked back over my life and tried to think of challenging situations that I faced that you might be facing, too. By sharing the valuable lessons learned, I pass along my truth and, hopefully, draw you closer to the only One who can lead you to the real truth! I am also an avid crafter and desire to share my projects here with you as well!

I live in Northeast Ohio with my wonderful husband and creative teenage daughter who actually designed the logo for this site.

Special thanks to my friends who give me inspiration and encouragement regularly that help to fuel this blog, including Missi who has contributed ideas as well some of her own pieces.